There was no better way to show the world what you got with a virtual concert like Dallas own Erica Banks. The female rap artist turned it up more than just a notch at her live concert in Houston with her 1501 Certified family. Erica Banks has been dropping plenty of music within a short period of time. Yet she rocked her show like a pro! You can notice her progression and willingness to succeed. She has the new single “Buss It” which is heating up the streets. She created a lane fit for herself and she claimed that at this very special event.

After meeting with Erica Banks, she will gain a die heart fan every time with her charisma and kindness. She gave much love to her fans and supporters and was in her element with family and friends . Erica Banks has the poise of a beauty and a beast. Once the music starts, be prepared to hear fire. With 1501 Certified Entertainment as her new family, you can notice the team work is making the dreams work itself. The label has a host of talented artists that are pushing the envelope right now. There were performances by D-Raww, Young Lyric, and Stunna Bam. Every performance was attention grabbing. All eyes were glued to the stage the entire time.

Erica Banks is able to tap into her inner monster and become who she always wanted to become musically. Having a love for poetry when she was younger has gained her another level of creativity. Her lyrics and flows switches back and forth, this kept the crowd wanting to hear more. Her voice has grown a presence for everyone to hear. Her stage presence was on spot, she owned the room soon as she ran up on stage. As beautiful as she wants to be, do not be fooled by this face! She may just bite back! We look forward to hear more from Erica Banks. She has such a bright personality that can bring light to the world.

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